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  • 01.29.2019

The Modular Plug Terminated Link is now an acceptable standard. While some people have deployed this method anyway, there is not a bit of a blessing via BICSI 005 "Electronic Safety and Security" standard and also in the BICSI 033 "Information Communication Technology Design and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings and Premises" that will publish later this year. the TIA0862 Building Automation Standard also recognizes the elimination of the equipment cord when a faceplate with an outlet isn't practical, safe and also allows for the use of a plug-terminated link (formerly known as a direct attached connection).

The problem with some of these configurations is that there was not an industry accepted test methodology. Previously people needed to use a coupler or patch panel at the other end which can skew the results because of the extra connection. In most testers, the connection at the other end was excluded. In ANSI-TIA 568.2-B draft includes a configuration for testing the MPTL. In this configuration, there is a cord attached to the panel in the telecommunications area, and an adapter is used at the far end test head that will allow the plug to be inserted and tested. The advantage here is that you can tell in the field if the plug is terminated to full functionality, and the link can be documented for the end user prior to the channel being turned over to live equipment. According to the standard, the tester shall use a permanent link adapter on the patch panel side and a cord adapter on the field RJ45 side. This means that intermediate couplers are no longer part of the test configuration. Available as a software update from nearly all testing manufacturers, the test is simple and quick once you purchase the adapter. Should the test fail, it is much easier to re-terminate to the plug at this time, than trying to troubleshoot intermittent noise, drops and other issues at a later date. Passing test results can be invaluable when troubleshooting.

For those of you that are using GameChanger cables, the testing parameters that are already in your favorite tester for the GameChanger cable, MPTL parameters are already considered and including in our parameters. There is nothing new, just a nod from the standards on the testing topology.

Carrie (Higbie) Goetz has been involved in the computing and networking industries for over 30 years. Carrie currently works as the Principal/CTO of StrategITcom. She has a broad background in all aspects of IT as a programmer, consultant, project manager, and Fortune 500 executive running IT departments and data centers with multi-million dollar budgets, and has taught at a collegiate level. Carrie has designed data centers for enterprise, colocation, hosting and cloud facilities. She is globally published with articles in 67 countries. She is a featured keynote speaker at various international industry events, end user education forums and conferences. She holds an RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS and has held 41 certifications in the industry throughout the years. She has one telecommunications patent.

Carrie Goetz

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