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Go (2.5x) the distance

The GameChanger cable from Paige is the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to take your video cabling infrastructure well beyond the 100 meter limit!

A cable that pulls and terminates like a CAT6 but can deliver 1Gbps and PoE+ over 200 meters - that's a GameChanger!

*Patent Pending

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  • "This solution saved us over $30,000! It does exactly what we were expecting and really came through for us."

    - Van Canning, IT Director, Western Precooling Systems

  • "The GameChanger is the difference between finishing a job today or not…and for a business that’s driven by job completion - it’s a really big deal!"

    - Mat Spears, Senior Field Sales Engineer, Stanley Security



What’s the maximum distance I can use the GameChanger Cable?

That depends on the power and bandwidth requirements of your application. At a minimum you can expect 1Gbps at 200 meters or about 656 feet. Here are a few other examples:

Switch Power  802.3at Type 2 "PoE+"
Switch Bandwidth Port set to 10 Mbps*
Camera Power Draws Max 30W
Video Resolution 1080p @ 30fps
Video Codec H.264
Maximum Distance     850 feet (259 m)


Here's another example:

Switch Power  802.3at Type 2 "PoE+"
Switch Bandwidth Port set to 100 Mbps
Camera Power Draws Max 30W
Video Resolution 4k @ 30fps
Video Codec H.264
Maximum Distance     725 feet (221 m)


Does the GameChanger Cable work with all cameras?

Yes, although each camera’s power and bandwidth settings will affect the maximum distance. (See the question above for more information.)

What's the difference between the GameChanger and a standard cat6?

The Gamechanger has been designed to exceed standards and optimize performance for CCTV applications. With increased gauge size, a carefully designed twisting and a specialty materials, the GameChanger is the only thing you need to bring 1080p video with power of Ethernet up to 850 feet!

This isn't a standard product - what do the camera manufacturers say about that?

If you ask Axis: As the leading experts in the field, with a strong focus on R&D and innovation, Axis believes it's their role to anticipate market needs, respond as quickly as they can and always deliver the best possible quality in everything they do. The GameChanger Cable is a perfect example of a technology partnership that brings a solution to the market faster than the standards bodies can keep up.

I’ve heard claims that this product has saved $30,000 on a small CCTV job - how did that happen?

For a full explanation of how this happened, check out this case study from Axis. But in short by using the GameChanger Cable, the installer was able to avoid building out an IDF on the roof which saved 4-5 weeks and $30,000!

How do i ensure reliability at maximum distance?*

For a reliable, extra long distance run (greater than 200 meter / 656 feet) you should be using a managed PoE Switch. For any port connected to a long distance GameChagner run, make sure it is set to 10 Mbps.  Don't assume auto configuration will sufficiently detect the bandwidth and adjust. You'll need to be sure your video stream is configured appropriately as well.  If you're unsure how much bandwidth your video stream will use, you can consult an online tool like this.


Several of the world's largest security integrators (4 out of the top 6) began deploying the GameChanger as early as 2016. Consultants and Engineers around the world have specified the Gamechanger as a critical part of their solutions for everything from banks to parking structures to amusement parks.