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February 15, 2019

Parking Structure Security and Systems

Parking structures are equipped with surveillance in most cases, but in some, the cameras are not always present or sufficient to provide full coverage over all areas. While cameras do provide visibility to the various areas of the structure, they can be enhanced with two-way voice, additional emergency phones, panic buttons, and other complementary systems.

Beyond security, parking aids that light up empty spots can keep cars flowing and provide a better customer experience. According to a study from MSB Consulting, this pricing analysis shows the significant savings to be had using GameChanger. Over a 106 camera rollout, the cost of simply the physical media to get the signal from the powered switch to the camera with GameChanger was $22,305 and the next closest cost option using category 6 Cable with repeaters weighing in at $104,525 and using hybrid fiber/copper with repeaters cam in at $126,170.

With the increase in IP systems and IoT devices, the customer experience is getting better and better not only inside the buildings but also outside in supporting structures like parking lots. New  technologies available  include the ability to pay by space or license plate at your car. Software coupled with smart meters and sensors provide smart platforms for payment features and can also accommodate validation, discounts, monthly cardholders, lot full signs, call for assistance along with the lot cameras.

According to Capterra, some of the feature rich systems include: Glideparcs payment systems allow people to enter parking structures without gates or as they call it a “frictionless manner.” Parkers pay and validate by license plate via a cloud-based application that also allows for prepaid reservations. Payments are accepted by mobile app, text to pay, kiosks or within the facility by phone. It also provides an immediate feedback option for users.

MessageByPlate allows owners to text message violators by their license plate. This platform supports a QR based parking option. Parkalot is a web application that allows users to manage their parking spaces online. ParkAdmin also provides for texting to pay for parking with an integrated license plate solution. There are many more options on the market for public, private, HOA/Apartment parking management.  These sensors and cameras onsite, provide the lot owner with intelligence and help spot violators, some even offer towing service alerts.   

While many of these options are convenient, they also provide a deterrent as license plates are recorded. Coupled with emergency phones provide a far more enjoyable parker experience. The important thing to note is that these technologies do not necessarily mean you have to deploy AC power to all of the sensors, nor do you need to add IDFs or secure locations for switches to many locations that can be reached by the 200m reach of the GameChanger cable which also delivers the PoE power for a secure, easy to test, easy to troubleshoot, single run solution.

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