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May 4, 2017

Big Data – Big Dilemmas

There is lots of talk of big data. In short big data is just another term for analyzing an increasing amount of information that is gathered year over year about our daily lives, browsing habbits, etc. Take the following example: Suppose you were searching on baby names on the internet. The next time you log onto your favorite retailer’s site, they can tell by your history that you researched baby names. This now puts you in line for a barrage of coupons for baby diapers, strollers, supplies, etc. While the system won’t be perfect, you may not have been searching for yourself, you can forward the coupons on to the person that really was searching for the baby names and bingo- job accomplished. The coupon got into the hands of the person that would need them.

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May 3, 2017

I’m Afraid of the Cloud Because….

Companies are moving to cloud services. There is no denying the shift. Companies are not moving their entire data center to the cloud, but many are moving at least some applications to the cloud either permanently or temporarily. But what is really moving to the cloud? If you believe the statistics from the cloud providers, one would think that there are massive numbers of companies moving swiftly and rapidly to the public cloud or hybrid cloud. The problem with the cloud statistics is that “cloud” is overused, over-confused, and over-abused.

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July 23, 2017

Are Fabrics/Unified Computing the Solution for Rapid Deployment and ease?

This question has been posed to me several times. My answer is…that depends on the question! Fabrics do provide some advantages for some and not so much for others. For instance in a cluster environment for high speed computing, or when a company needs to rapidly deploy storage, servers and networking . However, I think the real answer is that there isn’t an “end all be all” to every data center as needs vary from one DC to another and from one application to another in a data center.

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June 15, 2017

PDU Efficiency Matters! Metrics at Work.

What if you found out you were paying for power you were not consuming? What if you were working on much needed metrics in your data center only to find out that your input numbers were off by a few percent? What if you found out your checking account were out of balance by a few percent? Certainly, none are acceptable by any stretch of the imagination.

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