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June 4, 2018

Lengthonomics at 1006' with no repeaters. Yes, really!

Code Blue, (@codebluecorp) a Paige DataCom Solutions partner, has achieved a working channel on GameChanger cable of 1006' with no repeaters.  CodeBlue, a security product and solution company, sees the value in longer channels to support their customers.   A summary of the application follows in this blog.  

According to Code Blue's tech department

"We hooked it all up and used our CB 5-s unit with your cable and it works great. Overall distance is 1006' connected to a 802.3af switch. The cable runs into a PoE splitter in our unit. The splitter then is powering our blue light, our faceplate light, and our IP5000 speakerphone. This is a nice product."



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May 8, 2018


Short cables can be short-sighted.  Singlemode fiber that used to be considered primarily for backbone and extended distances, may hold an advantage by taking advantage of larger switch chassis models providing greater port utilization.  For copper,  longer distances remove additional points of failure, power draw, and risk.   

While there are applications for short reach copper and fiber, in some instances these shorter reach cables increase the overall costs of a communication from point A to point B.  This is where lengthonomics should be considered.  

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April 16, 2018

SIA at ISC West 2018 Best in Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories

We did it again!  GameChanger voted best in Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories in the #SIA pavilion at #ISCWEST 2018.  The security show features new hardware, software, and accessories for the security industry.  This is the second award in less than a year for the GameChanger cable.  

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March 22, 2018

State of the Data Center - Tides are Shifting

Data center marketing and think tanks would have us believe that everyone is going to cloud or colo, everyone is implementing DCIM, and everyone is well doing whatever it is that they are marketing at the moment.  While these things are certainly at play in many data centers, we challenge that "everyone" isn't doing anything outside of trying to secure their data regardless of location.  That is really the only one thing that everyone is doing.  A recent survey conducted by AFCOM details just how far off trend predictors can be when it comes to data centers in 2019.  There were certainly some surprises!

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January 11, 2018

Standards You Need to Know for 2018

One thing is certain in the IT industry and that is change,  Sometimes the change is good moving forward, sometimes the change leaves a giant question mark in its wake, and sometimes the changes lead to more changes as new opportunities for technology arise out of evolution.  2017 and moving into 2018 the standards are certainly evolving in IEEE, TIA, ISO/IEC and codes in NEC elsewhere.  While some of these are older, this is designed to be a cribsheet for the standards and codes that will impact our infrastructures in 2018.

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December 5, 2017

The Edge as a Disruptor Part 2

Ever wonder what the real cost is to house an application in a location?  In the first part of this 2 part blog, we talked about some of the decision factors surrounding the amount of redundancy an application needs especially as applications get more distributed due to edge compute.  In this part, we talk about the actual costs incurred to house an application on a server, on a network, with storage, in a data center singularly connected and how those costs increase based on the redundancy inside the data center and of the data center.  While the accounting is not all inclusive, it is a starting point with the most common costs included.  For further explanation, feel free to reach out.  We are happy to schedule a call so that you can start your own equations.  This is further detail to the keynote give @7x24Exchange 


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