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November 15, 2018

Testing versus Guessing

  • Is there a way to test a GameChanger copper channel over 100m for application support?  This question has come up on more than one occasion and the simple answer is, yes.  For those of you that don't know what the GameChanger cable is, it is a cable that supports extended distance Ethernet applications with PoE+ support without the need for intermediate IDFs, repeaters/extenders or transceivers.   The ability to certify a cable prior to active equipment being installed eliminates one area for troubleshooting and allows the channel to be documented upon turnover to a customer.  

Paige is proud to announce that we are now in the vendor test section of the DSX CableAnalyzer series of testers from leading test manufacturer, Fluke.  

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October 5, 2018

Living on the Edge, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Extenders and Repeaters

In order to reach the outer limits of construction, parking garages, warehouses, retail areas and the like, one this is aparent, 100m doesn't work. Multiple options exist, and in this week's blog, we look at these options. It is important to understand that channels and needed equipment outside of 100m is becoming more common with the increase in cameras, both low and high definition, WAPs (Wireless Access Points), and other equipment on the periphery needed to secure and communicate. Many of these systems can operate over twisted pair cabling. However, very few are designed to operate natively over fiber.

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August 13, 2018

NEC 2017 - What it Means in 2018

With a little over half the country adopting the 2017 version of the NEC, there are some misconceptions about what it includes and more importantly how to provide power over data cabling.  The ampacity of higher power applications are sometimes equated with LP cables, but what does this really mean?  Is LP required?   

For the 2017 version of the NEC, NFPA received 4,012 public inputs recommending code changes that resulted in 1.235 first revision changes resulting in 1,513 public comments on those which then resulted in 559 second revisions. Hence the expanse of time. Five completely new articles were introduced. The new articles are centered around newer technologies like microgrids and energy storage systems that didn’t exist or were not addressed in prior versions.

Here are a few key points to pay attention to as your state's adoption progresses.  

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July 9, 2018

Paige's GameChanger Cable Awarded "UL Verified" Confirmation

UL Verifies Performance of GameChangerCable from Paige

The Leader in Global Product Safety Testing Verifies Claim of 1 Gbps Performance and PoE+ over 200 Meters

UNION, N.J. July 9, 2018 – Paige DataCom Solutions, the developer of GameChanger™, a new cable designed to significantly exceed the reach of traditional category cable, today announced the results of an independent performance evaluation completed by UL LLC as part of its Marketing Claim Verification program. The UL assessment evaluated the performance of the award-winning GameChanger cable technology and verifies the claim that it delivers 1 Gbps performance and PoE+ over 200 meters (see, A808170).

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June 4, 2018

Lengthonomics at 1006' with no repeaters. Yes, really!

Code Blue, (@codebluecorp) a Paige DataCom Solutions partner, has achieved a working channel on GameChanger cable of 1006' with no repeaters.  CodeBlue, a security product and solution company, sees the value in longer channels to support their customers.   A summary of the application follows in this blog.  

According to Code Blue's tech department

"We hooked it all up and used our CB 5-s unit with your cable and it works great. Overall distance is 1006' connected to a 802.3af switch. The cable runs into a PoE splitter in our unit. The splitter then is powering our blue light, our faceplate light, and our IP5000 speakerphone. This is a nice product."



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May 8, 2018


Short cables can be short-sighted.  Singlemode fiber that used to be considered primarily for backbone and extended distances, may hold an advantage by taking advantage of larger switch chassis models providing greater port utilization.  For copper,  longer distances remove additional points of failure, power draw, and risk.   

While there are applications for short reach copper and fiber, in some instances these shorter reach cables increase the overall costs of a communication from point A to point B.  This is where lengthonomics should be considered.  

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