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Our newest Paige Electric business unit, Paige DataCom Solutions, continues our customer driven philosophy through new solution sets for LAN/WAN Enterprise and Data Centers marketed to end users and system integrators in the intelligent building and data center spaces. High voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, system interconnects, copper, fiber, cabinets and security solutions build a significant part of our offering portfolio. We expect to directly impact our customer's businesses through innovative products enabling cloud, colocation and enterprise data centers, intelligent buildings and campus deployments. Stay tuned as this division grows.

At Paige, our goal is to provide solutions and value-added services to support your business needs regardless of location, on time and on point. As a direct supplier, we are directly engaged one on one with our customers. We listen. We engineer. We provide. That’s Paige Electric. Let us be your solution provider.

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October 5, 2018

Living on the Edge, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Extenders and Repeaters

In order to reach the outer limits of construction, parking garages, warehouses, retail areas and the like, one this is aparent, 100m doesn't work. Multiple options exist, and in this week's blog, we look at these options. It is important to understand that channels and needed equipment outside of 100m is becoming more common with the increase in cameras, both low and high definition, WAPs (Wireless Access Points), and other equipment on the periphery needed to secure and communicate. Many of these systems can operate over twisted pair cabling. However, very few are designed to operate natively over fiber.

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