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Our newest Paige Electric business unit, Paige DataCom Solutions, continues our customer driven philosophy through new solution sets for LAN/WAN Enterprise and Data Centers marketed to end users and system integrators in the intelligent building and data center spaces. High voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, system interconnects, copper, fiber, cabinets and security solutions build a significant part of our offering portfolio. We expect to directly impact our customer's businesses through innovative products enabling cloud, colocation and enterprise data centers, intelligent buildings and campus deployments. Stay tuned as this division grows.

At Paige, our goal is to provide solutions and value-added services to support your business needs regardless of location, on time and on point. As a direct supplier, we are directly engaged one on one with our customers. We listen. We engineer. We provide. That’s Paige Electric. Let us be your solution provider.

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From The Blog
January 29, 2019


What defines a channel?  Historically a channel is comprised of a patch panel (or few) the cable, an outlet and of course the patch cables that connect the channel to the active equipment.  The problem with a traditional channel is that there are an increasing number of non-traditional devices that range anywhere from WAPs (Wireless Access points), LED lighting connections, sensors, Cameras, etc. that don't land at a work area and it is not always feasible to have an outlet in the areas where these devices live.  This is further complicated by the fact that once installed, they can be difficult to remediate, locate and the outlets add an expense that may argue is not necessary to the function of the cable.  Enter MPTL (Modular Plug Terminated Link).  

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